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Our company offers its services primarily in the field of industrial scaffolding, providing tailor-made solutions.


Our expertise range from scaffolding for inner and outer layers of tanks, light and heavy types of scaffolding for maintenance and assembling technological equipment and pipelines.

The scaffolding tasks has been done by our expert teams of highly educated professionals who have not had any accidents for long years, meeting deadlines and offering competitive prices

Applied scaffold types: Layher, Krause ad Hünneback types of facade and free-standing scaffolding systems as well.

Our activities cover these: 

  • multi-level assembling scaffolding

  • inner scaffolding of tanks and furnaces

  • mobile, movable scaffolding

  • heavy scaffolding needed to be designed

  • facade scaffolding

Hőszgetelés, bádogozás

Insulation and Tinning

Our company completes the following cold and warm insulation assignments to meet the highest standards in the following fields:

  • Industrial plants, tanks, pillars, furnaces, columns, smoke and air ducts, pipelines, ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as heat- and soundproof insulation of mechanical engineering machinery, vapor-proof insulation, plate insulation according to DIN, AGI standards including the necessary supplementary tasks.

  • Among our activities we can also offer producing and setting up the permanent and removable aluminum covering of insulated wires, machinery, tanks and appliances; using CNC driven plasma cutting technology along with making tailor-made coverings based on the partner’s designs and plans.

  • Raw materials are primarily rolled aluminum alloy, galvanized steel plates, acid proof and copper plates. If needed, we can make a complete heat insulation plan.

Our activities cover these: 

  • cold insulation

  • warm insulation

  • soundproof insulation (including acoustics design)

  • plate covering – producing and setting up tailor-made covers


Corrosion Protection

Our company has been providing corrosion protection on industrial metal surfaces for many years of professional experiences, supported by a quality assurance system.

Passive corrosion protection is mainly done on site, adapting to local circumstances and demands. Our innovative mobile granule dispenser and painting equipment can be located on the construction or investment site if there is demand for it.

The applied technology uses granule dispensing (sand, iron, corundum, glass beads can be dispensed) on Sa surface quality level or using manual-machine technology for St surface quality level, based on MSZ EN ISO 8501-1 : 2008 and MSZ EN ISO 8501-2 : 2008 quality assurance standards.

The generally used coating systems are: HEMPEL, JOTUN, SIGMA, TIKKURILLA, BELSONA, DEVCON etc.

Our activities cover these: 

  • Surface preparation for scheduled investigation: granule dispense, polishing with hand tools and high-pressure (above 1000 bar) water surface preparation

  • passive inside and outside corrosion protection of container tanks

  • corrosion protection of technological – insulated and non-insulated - pipeline systems

  • designing individual corrosion protection technology plan

  • making fireproof coatings (30-60-90 min)

  • Insulation and tinning

Ipari tisztítás

Industrial Cleaning

The industrial cleaning is done with high-pressure water washing devices.

Our activities cover these: 

  • High pressure water cleaning of heat exchangers (any type of heat exchangers) with PEINEMANN automat water washing device:

    • IBC 5 – Inside Bundle Cleaner with 5 lances is one of the fastest cleaning machines in the world today and has been designed to clean a large number of bundles on the cleaning slab, during unit turnarounds.

    • OBC - Outside Bundle Cleaner - with OBC the cleaning process is safer, quicker and more efficient than ever before. OBC using automatic washing device and pneumatic bundle –rotary. The right combination of water pressure (up to 1000 bar) and flow, removes scaling, coke, polymers, etc. without the use of any additional cleaning materials.

  • Internal and external high pressure cold and warm water cleaning of tanks and pipelines, stopping blockages and removing hydrocarbons. Our machinery mainly operates on diesel fuel.

  • Operational parameters: pressure ranges from 300 to 3000 bar; water flow rate 19 l/min – 204 l/min

  • Removing hydrocarbons from pressure resistant tanks. (We possess an ADR sucking vehicle, which can be used for sucking materials from one tank and pressing into another on site.)

  • Dry brush cleaning of pipelines of furnaces with a special machinery, used in such locations where water cannot reach the medium.

Alpin technika

Industrial Alpine Technology Works

Industrial alpine technology has been done by a highly expert team keeping the strict compliance to labour safety regulations - based 11/2003. (IX. 12.) FMM provisions of the regulation. This activity entails the opportunity to provide immediate damage limitation and can also be applied in places where scaffolding would be unreasonable.

Our activities cover these: 

  • corrosion protection activities using industrial alpine technology

  • insulation, repairing and replacing damaged coverings or tiling using industrial alpine technology

  • investigating existing status, measuring thickness of walls using industrial alpine technology

  • repairing the walls of chimneys, using industrial alpine technology

  • corrosion protection of steel structures

Quality Insurance

certop_14001 másolata.png

Certification Documents


Designation: Certificate for the manufacture, on-site technological installation, repair, construction, leak testing and periodic inspection of containers other than pressure vessels for the storage of dangerous liquids and melts

Validity: 2022. 03. 11. - 2025.03.10.

Identification number: TANK-63/22


Designation: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 and MSZ 45001:2018
Validity: 2024.05.04.
Identification number: 01-19625/21-14327

PROVIDED BY: Quality Austria – Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH

Designation: Safety Certificate For Contractors
Validity: 2022.09.30
Identification number: 00264/0

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