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Panen Ltd.

2440 Százhalombatta, MOL ipartelep 18.

GPS koordináták: 47.296000,18.887600


  • H-2440 Százhalombatta MOL Nyrt. / Dunai Finomító Ipartelep 18.

  • H-3580 Tiszaújváros TVK Nyrt. / TVK Ipartelep

  • H-3700 Kazincbarcika BorsodChem Zrt. / BorsodChem Ipartelep

Getting to our headquarter:

After getting off road 6, choose MOL exit in the roundabout. Pass the bridge but do not go to MOL Main Gate but turn right before the right-hand-side parking lot of MOL Main Gate. Pass the stone fence and go on to the bunk buildings. Pass buildig No. 18.

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